These pictures are a mere shadow of the true power and beauty of a live performance. Still, they demonstrate some of the visual impact that dancing fire can bring.

Eating Fire thumbnail
Eating Fire
K Spinning Pyro thumbnail
K Spinning Pyro
Absolute Trust thumbnail
Absolute Trust
Fire Levels thumbnail
Fire Levels
Back to Back thumbnail
Back to Back
Fire Gazing thumbnail
Fire Gazing
Fire Sword thumbnail
Fire Sword
Partner Wraps thumbnail
Partner Wraps
A-Frame thumbnail
Immolation Wraps thumbnail
Immolation Wraps
Contact Fire thumbnail
Contact Fire
Daytime Performance thumbnail
Daytime Performance
Fire Combat thumbnail
Fire Combat
Hip Stack thumbnail
Hip Stack
Drawing Shapes thumbnail
Drawing Shapes
Fire Tumbling thumbnail
Fire Tumbling
Basic Pose thumbnail
Basic Pose
Low Hug thumbnail
Low Hug
Shoulder Stack thumbnail
Shoulder Stack
Spiral Shapes thumbnail
Spiral Shapes
Backbend thumbnail
Arm Spirals thumbnail
Arm Spirals
Fire in Snow thumbnail
Fire in Snow
Back to Bend thumbnail
Back to Bend
Back to Back thumbnail
Back to Back
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