SJ Tucker and K Wiley form the core of Fire & Strings, although they regularly perform with some of the best pyros in the world. The primary regular crew members are detailed here, while information regarding additional performers can be found in the Links section.

Kevin K' Wiley       Professional fire artist, dancer, and magician Kevin K' Wiley has been playing with fire as long as anyone has, but he takes it to whole new heights by adding trampoline acrobatic stilts to the mix. Today, combining fire play with fans, swords, staff, poi spinning, fire blasts, fire eating, silk spinning, LED light shows, gymnastics, and stilt-dancing with live, original music by Skinny White Chick, he brought this project to an explosively popular genesis. Every day, he keeps the fires burning and the fans coming for every show.
S. J. Tucker       is a unique talent whose strong guitar work and enormous voice belie her small stature. Now an insured fire performer touring with Fire & Strings as well as with her own musical projects, S. J. delights audiences in more ways than ever. Many progressive and hard-edged variations from S. J.'s impressive catalogue of songs occur at Fire & Strings performances, as Tucker manipulates acoustic guitar, electric bass, and hand percussion off-the-cuff, to honor the force of unpredictability present in music and in fire. S.J.'s fire talents are oft considered amongst the best in the nation, owing much to the direct tutelage of Kevin K', her partner and mentor.
Kacey Mann       A recent addition to the Fire & Strings performance docket, although she has been with the crew as a dedicated fire safety for more than a year. Also known as "Tattoo Girl" to Skinny White Chick fans, her graceful and seductive dancing, spiced up with fire fingers, flaming whips, and her extensive experience with fire torture have added a whole new dimension to the show.

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